Software Developer - Full Stack

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Software Developer - Full Stack
Software Development
Braga, 4700-041, Braga

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Software Developer - Full Stack

This is the moment to start working at the The Speer Agency. We are one of the fastest growing job agencies in the Netherlands. Our succes formula is simple. We find you a  new job in no time !

Your Mission:

We are looking for an experienced developer that can help our team to grow in numbers and knowledge, as we build our product to be used by our partners. If you see yourself fit in the below requirements description, are passionate about building products and working with bright and highly productive teams, this role could be a great match.

Who we are?

  • You'll be joining a small but growing team of people who believe in building a great product for our customers and have the skills to make it happen.
  • We relish hard problems, both concerning business, design, and development. And we truly enjoy coming up with solutions to make everyone happy, from the customers, who depend on our product, to our team, as our work depends on each other. The fact that we’re very into the “80-20” mindset makes this even more interesting, as time to execute will also play a big factor into the solutions we find.
  • We are curious people, and with some much responsibility our customers put in our hands, we look to every detail and make sure we find every way things can break or fail.
  • A big part of our culture is learning. We cannot emphasize too much how important this is to us. We need always to be learning, and what we learn we have to be able to convey to others be it via email or in person. Thus, being a good communicator (which is different from being an extrovert) is an essential attribute for us.
  • If you are a person with strong opinions, weakly held, who wants to have a big impact and both an avid learner and teacher you’ll do great here.


  • Our platform is still in its early stages, so a lot of the technical decisions are still in the making, and you could be a part of that. The platform is currently being built as an Elixir Umbrella App, using a CQRS/Event Sourcingapproach. There are not a lot of companies using this combo in production as far as we know, but we truly believe it’s a great combination and a fun codebase to work on.
  • Security must be an always a concern. We practice and follow security and privacy by design.
  • Our web layer uses the Phoenix framework, particularly we’re using the channels functionality extensively. However, due to the way we’re architecting the system using CQRS and DDD principles, the web layer ends up not handling any business logic, and therefore is not that complex
  • Our front-end is a mix of EEx views and React, which communicate with the web layer via Ajax and Web Sockets. We’re very opinionated concerning the way we organize the front-end, and specifically for CSS, we follow the SUIT CSS styling methodology for component-based UI development.
  • Due to the nature of the project and all the excitement had since ICO, we expect to reach a reasonable scale pretty soon, which will also prove to be an exciting source of problems.
  • We don't expect you to be familiar with every piece of technology we use, but instead to have a willingness to learn and work with the elements of our stack. This is a position great for people that are developing in Ruby or other languages and want to make the jump. You are most welcomed!

If you are passionate about building products and working with bright and highly productive teams, this role could be a great match.

Who are we?

We are specialised in hiring and recruiting qualified staff. De Speer Agency works nationally for different companies. We are flexible, think in opportunities and are allways there for you in need of any job related questions.

We work from the offices Amsterdam, Utrecht en Nijmegen. We know our business because of our vast experience. Our sales experts have knowledge of all branches, this way we can make perfect matches in no time. Our keywords are fast, efficient and honest!


Are you interested in this job?  Contact Simon Rikmenspoel on phonenumber +31 (0)6 46177035. It will only take a few minutes to apply! Send your resume to and together we will find your new job!